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One Happy Camper Grant

Is this your teen’s first time in a Jewish overnight camp? If so, visit to find out if your teen is eligible to receive up to $700 off their first summer at Jewish overnight camp. To see if you live in a community that offers a One Happy Camper program, see the list of partners, and contact your local program provider regarding eligibility requirements and grant availability. Apply today, and make your teen One Happy Camper! 



CTeen is committed to providing an unforgettable summer experience for Jewish high school students, regardless of Jewish background, affiliation, or financial situation. A few conditions apply before CTeen can consider an application for a scholarship.

1) The first step is to apply to the local Jewish Federation* for a scholarship or One happy camper grant.

2) In the case that the camp fee is unaffordable even with a grant or scholarship from the Federation, candidates can apply to CTeen for a scholarship.  The scholarship application needs to include:

  • the grant amount received from the Federation and/or other scholarship funds, or whether the application was denied

  • a dollar amount that you can afford to pay for tuition.


Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

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