Goal #1: To empower teens with knowledge regarding their Jewish heritage so they can live Jewish-inspired lives.


1.1) Absorb and understand the Jewish approach to tragedy, loss, and emergence from hardship. Engage with these themes during and after camp.

1.2) Undertake a bolder commitment to Jewish identity based on the above themes after camp.


Goal #2: To engage in, appreciate, and respect Jewish sites and Jewish history.


2.1)  Explore and gain firsthand insight about the past Jewish presence in Poland and the current Jewish presence in Israel, and become empowered with an increased knowledge about Jewish faith.

2.2)  Participate in acts of community service—such as restoring Jewish headstones and packing food and clothes for needy families in Israel.
2.3) Adopt practices listed above after camp.


Goal #3: To train the next generation of Jewish leaders, who can positively inspire and impact the people and environment around them.


3.1) Share new Jewish knowledge and lessons learned on the trip with family members and friends.

3.2) Participate in and contribute to programs that promote positive advocacy for Israel and the Jewish nation.
3.3) Increase positive awareness about Jewish history and Israel within their respected communities.



Goal #4: To develop confidence, courage, and an appreciation of the teens’ individual worth and the worth of their peers.


4.1) Have opportunities to meet and build relationships with other Jewish teens and maintain those relationships long after the trip.
4.2) Take part in activities that give way to the understanding of diversity and development of team building skills, and be able to use those skills in everyday practice.