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Goal #1: To empower teens with knowledge so they can make Jewish-informed choices in their lives.


1.1) Understand at least four Jewish core values/themes, e.g., Shabbat, Kosher, Unity and Community, and Tzedakah, and encounter, practice or engage with these themes during camp.

1.2) Practice or undertake one of the above themes after camp.


Goal #2: To develop confidence, courage, and an appreciation of the individual worth and competence of themselves and their peers.


2.1) Try new experiences with confidence, and demonstrate and utilize a new skill or knowledge gained at camp that can affect their lives at school, work, home, or in the future.

2.2) Participate in and contribute to team activities and tasks with self-confidence and cooperation with others.

2.3) Make new, Jewish friendships and maintain those relationships long after camp.


Goal #3: To train the next generation of Jewish leaders, who can positively inspire and impact the people and environment around them.


3.1) Share new Jewish knowledge and lessons learned at camp with family members and friends.

3.2) Participate in and contribute to CTeen local and regional programs and Shabbatons during the year.


Goal #4: To foster wonder, appreciation, and respect for nature and the environment.


4.1)   Participate in activities such as hiking, camping, and other outdoorsy adventures.

4.2)   Be aware of the need for environmental justice and adopt practices such as recycling and reduced consumption.


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