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Goal #1 

To foster respect and appreciation for the teens’ local communities.


  • Participate in activities within local communities that foster a sense of responsibility for their hometowns and communities.

  • Help teens develop a sense of connection and belonging within their local Jewish communities.


Goal #2:

To develop confidence, courage, and an appreciation of the teens’ individual worth and the worth of their peers.


  • Have opportunities to meet and build relationships with other Jewish teens from their respective communities and maintain those relationships long after the trip.

  • Take part in activities that give way to the understanding of diversity and development of team building skills, and be able to use those skills in everyday practice.


Goal #3

To train the next generation of Jewish leaders, who can positively inspire and impact the people and environment around them.


  • Participate in and contribute to the planning and execution of CTeen Road Trip, thereby giving teens real life tools and experience in leadership and a leading role.

  • Share new Jewish knowledge and lessons learned during the trip with family members and friends.

  • Participate in and contribute to CTeen local and regional programs and Shabbatons during the year.


Goal #4
To empower teens with knowledge so they can make Jewish-informed choices in their lives.


  • Understand at least four Jewish core values/themes, e.g., Shabbat, Kosher, Unity and Community, and Tzedakah, and encounter, practice or engage with these themes during trip.

  • Practice or undertake one of the above themes after the trip.

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