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What is CTeen Road Trip?

CTeen Road Trip is a short yet immersive summer experience which will depart from and return to your local town. CTeen Road Trip opportunities will be run by CTeen leaders and CTeen Rabbis in their respective communities.


Who is CTeen Road Trip For?

Jewish teens in grades 9–12, regardless of affiliation, who want to enjoy a fun and unique summer experience without traveling too far from home.


Where does the trip start and end?

The trip begins and ends in your local community, with a 3-6 day adventure in between.


How much does the trip cost?

CTeen Road Trip costs vary on the community and size of the respect trip. Please contact your local CTeen Rabbi for more details.


Where will the trip be staying?

CTeen Road Trip groups will lodge at hotels, cabins, inns, and in the great outdoors, depending on the nature of the respect trip.


How will CTeen Road Trip travel?

Though each CTeen Road Trip group will find their own means of transportation, ideally, groups will travel together in 1-2 cars or minivans throughout the trip.


What kind of community service hours does this trip offer?

Along the route, groups are expected to stop at 1-2 non-profit organizations along the way. Volunteer work can include helping pack food, clothing, or children’s school packets for needy families.


Is cell phone usage permitted on the trip?

Participants are permitted to bring a cell phone on the program. However, CTeen regards cell phone use during the program as a privilege. Participants must exercise discretion when using them (e.g., respect sleeping roommates, etc.). If necessary, program staff reserve the right to revoke the privilege if it is abused.


What does the trip fee cover?

Sleeping accommodations, meals, in-trip transportation, and all program activities are covered by the core program cost.


What type of food will be served on this trip?

Each CTeen Road Trip group will coordinate their own meal arrangements prior to the trip. Based on availability, some groups may find Kosher food on the road, while others will be required to prepare their own meals as part of the experience.  Please contact us regarding any allergies or specific diets so that we can prepare appropriately.


Is it necessary to bring along additional spending money?

Sleeping accommodations, meals, in-trip transportation and all program activities are covered by the core program tuition. To purchase souvenirs or extra snacks, a small allowance under $30 is recommended.


More questions?

Contact your local CTeen chapter for the specifics on the next local opportunity. 



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