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Zoom Session Recaps 

Dear CTeens,

Below are recordings of our latest  pre-trip activities. Please feel free to click on the activity you missed and we look forward to seeing you at our next live activity!

Heritage Quest Staff 

Activity Two: What is a Jew?

Boys'  Zoom Call

Girls'  Zoom Call

Activity Three: Chummus-Making Video

Activity Four: The Jew & The Land

Boys' Zoom Call

Girls' Zoom Call

Activity Five: Ghetto Life & The Jewish Resistance
Activity Seven: RootOneLens
Smart Phone with Rocky Crags

How many photos have you taken in the last 48 hours? What message did you try to capture? As our world becomes increasingly consumed with the might of a single image, whether it be of politics, protests or personal identity, we realize what power – and responsibility – we have when taking and sharing photos. The RootOne Lens online session, in partnership with The Jewish Lens at The Museum of the Jewish People and RootOne, utilizes Jewish texts and values to analyze photographs and show how our unique identities as young Jews in the 21st century are comprised of diverse factors. This session will also cover the basics of taking a good photograph on your smart phone in preparation for your upcoming experience in Israel. Once in Israel, you’ll be challenged to capture three different moments throughout the trip that showcase your relationship with the country, it’s people, and the visual spectacle that makes up the Jewish State.


So, grab a snack, sit back, relax, and watch this one-hour photography lesson to prep you for your Israel experience!



RootOne Lens Link:

Password: rootonelens21


When you are finished, post your photos and answer the prompts on this Padlet Wall and please make sure your post lists your name so we can count your participation:

Smart Phone with Rocky Crags
Activity Eight: Unity Within Our Uniqueness

Boys' Zoom Call

Girls' Zoom Call

Part 1

Part 2

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