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Registration Process

The first step is to complete the online form. When registering, please make sure to choose the correct CTeen Road Trip experience. You will then receive an email confirming that your form has been submitted for processing.


Once the registration form has been processed, you will receive an email informing you whether your teen has been accepted into the program.  CTeen will only accept teens it deems a proper fit for the program; we reserve the right to reject any applicant whom we deem not to be a good match for this type of travel program.


Teens with Special Needs

Not all CTeen Road Trip groups may be able to cater to teens with special medical needs. If your teen has medical needs or is under a physician's care for any reason, please contact your local CTeen chapter prior to enrollment.


Participating in a Travel Program

By registering for the CTeen Road Trip, your teen is making a commitment to fully participate in a group travel program where schedule, group participation, and spirit are crucial to the success of the experience. We expect our teens to remain with the group at all times. There will be plenty of room for personal exploration and relaxation.


Program Itinerary

Confirmed itineraries for the CTeen Road Trip program will be emailed to all parents 2 weeks prior to departure. Please note that even the confirmed itinerary is subject to change due to weather, or other considerations. We will do our best to notify parents in advance if changes are necessary.


Each CTeen Road Trip group will provide parents’ with a contact number which can be used throughout the duration of the trip for any questions or concerns that may arise.



Friends and Family Updates During the Trip

CTeen will post photos and videos of our adventures on our Facebook page,, enabling family and friends to take part in the fun as it happens.



CTeen Road Trip groups will lodge at hotels, cabins, inns, and in the great outdoors, depending on the nature of the respect trip.


Additional Expenses

Sleeping accommodations, meals, in-trip transportation, and all program activities are covered by the core program tuition. The only need for additional monies is for optional snacks, souvenirs, and gifts to be purchased at your teen’s discretion. We estimate that $30 is more than sufficient to cover all such purchases. It is the teen’s responsibility to safeguard and use these monies appropriately.

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