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Welcome to the CTeen Summer Staff Application



At CTeen Summer, we carefully select a group of devoted staff to ensure that the teens’ experience is full, positive, meaningful, and extends long beyond the summer. We recognize that we have only two or three short weeks with teens who attend public school, and we do our very best to ensure that these teens emerge from the experience with the fire of Yiddishkeit burning in their hearts and minds. 

With these goals in mind, we invite you to keep reading to review our expectations of our staff and see if this program is a fit for you. Please feel free to apply if you feel you would like to be considered for our team!



Eligibility: We are looking for counselors with previous experience working with teens either in youth groups or camps.

Minimum age requirement:


  • Girls - 21 years of age

  • Boys - 22 years of age

Please apply as a group: Aside from regular staff responsibilities, there are various jobs that each staff member will take on, such as someone in charge of medical, rooms etc. Please ensure that one person in your group is good with photography and social media.


  • All Poland/Morocco/Israel trips - 4 staff members


  • CTeen Xtreme - 3 staff members & 2 food staff members

Please note that due to current events in Israel at this time, our Israel-bound trips have been reformatted this year to volunteer trips. Teens will be completing 30 hours of volunteer work while there. Furthermore, please understand that dependent on what is going on in Israel, the trip can't be guaranteed until 2 months prior. 

While we note your preference for the trip you apply for, please understand that we do not guarantee that you will be chosen for that specific trip, as you may be asked to staff another one of our trips.

To apply one needs to make a ChabadPlus Account (done on the next page). Please note: For an optimal experience in the future, use the same login method after creating your account - email & password, Google, or Apple.



  • Review written notes about each participant and speak to the Shluchim to familiarize yourselves better with the participants.

  • Create a chat group with the participants and facilitate a pre-trip Zoom session with a prepared icebreaker game for all participants.  This usually takes place in late May/June.

  • Review all provided resources and organize all supplies needed for the trip

  • Prepare bus/night activities for the trip

  • Create list forms to help with division of davening groups, learning groups and lodging groups

Staff Training: In order to prepare and empower you to be the most successful at your position, there will be training sessions on zoom given by CTeen Summer program coordinators and RootOne (if you are staffing an Israel trip) -- usually taking place within two months of the trip. More information will be provided closer to the time.

On the Trip: The role of our counselors is to provide responsible supervision throughout the program, while serving as a source of positive energy and chayus, infusing the experience with fun, ruchniyus and toichen. To this end, the counselors are responsible for davening groups, learning groups, implementing incentives, bus activities and night activities (see above). There are also a lot of opportunities to engage with the campers one-on-one during the long bus rides. Counselors are encouraged to take advantage of that opportunity to develop their personal connection with the campers. 


Eventually and sadly, the summer portion of the experience will eventually come to an end. The teens, however, will not. It is vital that the teens capture the momentum of the summer and fuse their experiences with their everyday lives. Consequently, post-trip continued interaction is a very important element of our program as your presence is very impactful in the teens lives. In light of this, it is our expectation that our staff will maintain a continued connection beyond the trip in the following areas: 

  • Communication with the teens periodically throughout the year. This would be personally and via the WhatsApp chat group.

  • Committing to one hour each month for a prepared and coordinated post-trip activity online/in person. 

  • During Chanukah following the trip, visit the homes of teens within your region, bringing Chanukah treats and Menorah supplies. CTeen will cover all supplies and travel expenses. 


  • An all-expense-paid summer trip from New York to Western USA, Poland, Morocco and Israel, or Israel only (depending on the particular trip you are staffing).

  • $500-700 Depending on if you are doing a 2 or 3 week experience

  • CTeen Xtreme Food Staff will be compensated $1250 

  • All expenses paid for all post-trip interactions

  • The opportunity of a lifetime to touch the lives of Jewish teens in the most meaningful of ways.

If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact us:

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