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Parent & Teen Email Templates:

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ChabadOne Communicator designed parent emails: 

All Four Trips Explained

All Four Trips Brief 

$3,000 RootOne Grant

Other designed parent emails: 

All Four Trips Explained

All Four Trips Brief 

$3,000 RootOne Grant

Instructions for sending: 

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Detailed Parent Email:

Dear Parent,


Has your teen started thinking about summer? Are you looking for a fun and meaningful experience?


I wanted to bring to your attention four remarkable summer trips currently being offered by CTeen! All four trips are chaperoned by staff members that are handpicked for their dedication, warmth, and experience in working with teenagers. Safety is of paramount concern and will be given top priority. While in Poland and Israel groups will be accompanied by a security officer at all times.


1) CTeen Xtreme - A unique travel camp in the American Southwest. 

Teens and staff fly into Denver International Airport, where they begin their two-week journey to Los Angeles by bus, enjoying scenic attractions, exciting outdoor activities, and volunteer projects, all in a wholesome Jewish environment. The camp is accredited by the ACA, ensuring the highest standards of safety. The subsidized price for the trip is $2,895, excluding airfare. First-time campers are eligible for a $700 One Happy Camper grant. 

2) CTeen Heritage Quest - An awe-inspiring journey through Poland and Israel.

Teens will come together from across the United States and Canada for an amazing 22 days tracing Jewish history, from its heydey in Europe, to its decimation and on to the flourishing life in our Holy Land. Every day is packed with inspiring and thought provoking activities, including visits to the ghettos and concentration camps of Poland, thriving cities and communities of Israel. The trip is an opportunity to meet new friends and includes approximately 8 hours of community service.

3) CTeen Israel Journey - Explore the rich history of our Holy land. 

Teens fly across the world for an incredible 22-day trip through the Land of Israel. Sightseeing, outdoor adventure, historical experiences, and in-person encounters, your child will learn about the land of our ancestors, its history and people like never before. This trip will offer teens a deep understanding of our holy land, strong, true friendships, and a dynamic encounter with their Jewish identity and their place in contemporary Jewish life. The trip includes approximately 8 hours of community service. 

4) CTeen Origin Trail - Experience rich Sephardic tradition and culture through Morocco and Israel.

The CTeen Origin Trail is a unique 22-day trip to Morocco and Israel. This trip gives teens a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the rich Jewish life that existed and continues to exist today. They will visit Jewish quarters, the most famous cities, vibrant marketplaces, and more. The group will then travel to Israel and discover the significance of our Jewish homeland and contemporary Jewish life. CTeen Origin Trail provides a unique blend of fun, meaning and inspiration. The trip includes approximately 8 hours of community service. 

For teens joining the Heritage Quest, Israel Journey or Origin Trail trips, RootOne is now offering a $3,000 voucher to eligible teens


All four trips are open to all Jewish teens who are currently in high school.  


Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Brief Parent Email:

Dear Parent, 


Has your teen started making summer plans? Are you looking for a fun and meaningful experience for them?


Grab the opportunity of a lifetime to join one of CTeen’s incredible summer trips!


Whether it's joining the CTeen Xtreme 14-day travel camp from Denver to Los Angeles, the 22-day Heritage Quest trip through Poland and Israel, the CTeen Origin Trail through Morocco and Israel for 22 days, or a 22-day adventure through our homeland on the Israel Journey trip, CTeen has the best summer experience in store for your teen. Give them a summer of friendship and adventure in a wholesome Jewish environment. Each trip is led by a handpicked group of caring staff members and all matters of security will be given the utmost concern. 


Eligible teens can receive a $700 grant toward the Xtreme trip and a $3,000 voucher towards the Heritage Quest, Origin Trail and Israel Journey trips. 


All four trips are open to all Jewish teens who are currently in high school.  


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Teen Sample Email:



I wanted to speak with you about joining the CTeen Heritage Quest trip.


CTeen Heritage Quest is a fun and meaningful Jewish summer overseas trip and a great opportunity to make new Jewish friends. The trip begins in Poland and ends in Israel. The itinerary includes meaningful experiences, exciting activities, scenic attractions, and volunteer projects. 


See here for more details and dates. The trip is three weeks long to accommodate the packed schedule


Let me know if you have any questions.

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